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Today, Islam stands as an obstacle to the international exploitation system in the political and economic exploitation of the Islamic world by Western. Islam has been the target of Jews and Christians since the day it emerged. Throughout Islamic history, they have struggled against Islam with all kinds of trickery and fraud in order to degenerate and destroy it. There are many examples of this in history. These anti-Islamist efforts have continued to this day under various guises.

Hostility towards Islam was used as a polemic subject. The Christian hostility towards Islam had blinded them so much that neither the scholars nor the people could be objective on this issue. They told lies and misrepresentations about Islam for the higher purposes of the church. This tendency towards lies and slander continued until the end of the 17th century. This led to the emergence of a social hostility and hatred towards Islam in Europe.

The fear and hatred towards Islam in the West resulted in the Crusades, which were repeated for years. When Christianity became stronger in Eastern Europe, they wanted to spread in Asia and the Middle East. However, the Muslims who emerged in Anatolia prevented this goal. These Muslims were the Seljuk Turks. When Sultan Alp Arslan defeated Byzantium in Malazgirt in 1071, hostility towards Islam increased in Europe.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, many travelers from Europe traveled to the farthest corners of Islamic lands. These travelers took Muslim names, dressed like Muslims, and were thus able to move freely among Muslim communities. The aim of these travelers was not simply to get to know a country, but to have subversive aims. Some of them were there to prove that Christianity was superior to Islam, while others were there for commercial exploitation and to obtain political intelligence. Commercial pretexts were a cover for political domination. For example, the British East India Company and the Dutch East Indies Company were designed solely to colonize India and Indonesia.

In the 19th century, orientalism became an independent branch of science. Orientalism was brought into line with the interests and political concerns of influential and imperialist rulers. Orientalists helped legitimize the invasions of the colonizers and guided the pacification of the colonized countries. In this way, orientalism became an important tool for the destruction of Islam. Orientalism brought a westernized interpretation to Islam. It distorted Islamic concepts such as Jihad, Ummah, Tawhid from their true meanings. Thus, political dominance in Islamic countries was brought to a state that was foreign to the essence of Islamic social and religious life.

Western missionaries came to colonized Islamic countries and tried to change the religions of Muslims. The West never forgot that Anatolia was taken from them and turned into an Islamic country. The American Foreign Missions Board sent missionaries to Turkey since 1820. The first Protestant church was established in Turkey in 1847. The preaching of the Bible was done through educational institutions, hospitals, homes for the homeless, and radio broadcasts. However, these activities did not yield much result. Because the Christian population in Turkey is still below 1%. Therefore, Islam is the biggest obstacle to Christianity in Turkey.

The social science initiative was a step taken to secularize Islam and separate religion from politics. However, was it possible to use these theories in the study of Muslim societies? The strategy followed here was to inject Western secular ideas into the minds of Muslims. One of these ideas that succeeded was the idea of ​​“nationalism.” The Islamic Ummah was divided into struggles centered on nationalism. However, when these countries gained their national independence, they built all their political and economic developments on the models taught to them by the former colonialists. No colonized Islamic country has been able to rid its minds of these colonial traces. Such minds, which have been influenced by colonialism, continue to follow Western ideas not only in terms of nationalism, but also in concepts such as democracy, socialism, political parties, and parliament.

Islam has been made the whipping boy of the Western media in every subject. Islam represents barbarism for the right wing, medieval theocracy for the left wing, and unpleasant exoticism for the moderate group. According to them, it is unimportant for Western people to know anything about Islam. Therefore, it should not be expected that Islam will be treated honestly in the Western media.

One of the countries that is most prominent in the West’s opposition to Islam is England. Since the British saw Islam as a real obstacle in their exploitation of Islamic countries for centuries, they did everything they could to destroy Islam. The main cause of all the pain, division and misery in the Islamic geography in the last century is England. Other Western imperialist countries are its collaborators. The British were the ones who tried to degenerate and destroy the religion of Islam by using masons such as Afghani, Abduh and Rashid Riza in Egypt.

While Westerners always try to portray Muslims as violent and barbaric, the fact that this is not the case and that the West is more violent and barbaric has been proven by the following events.

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It is stated that most of our society is Muslim. When people are asked, everyone answers, Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim. Are we really Muslims? No one asks this question to themselves, or maybe they don't want to ask it. Is this because he doesn't want to hear the answer, or is he confident and sees the question as unnecessary?   In our opinion, every Muslim should ask himself this question and interrogate whether he is a complete Muslim. However, in order to do this, one must investigate what should be understood from being a complete Muslim. The sources for this research are the Holy Quran, hadiths and works written by Sunni Islamic scholars.

When these sources are examined, it is seen that the behavior and thoughts of people in today's Muslim societies on many issues are contrary to true Islam and contradict basic Islamic principles. For this reason, Muslims need to put themselves in order and correct their behavior and thoughts according to the principles of true Islam.

Allah Almighty informs us in the first 10 verses of the Surah Al-Muminun how the basic behavior of Muslims should be. It gives good news that those who follow the provisions of these verses will be the heirs and will be the believers who will be saved. Therefore, it is necessary to question how well we comply with the provisions of these verses.

Our Lord, who informs us that we will be called to account at the end of the day, tells us that being on the right path is only possible by following the Qur'an. It is stated that the Quran is an advice to the worlds (humans and jinns), therefore salvation can only be achieved by listening to its advice.

Illegal relationships (adultery) are spreading in our society. Imitating Western society as civilization is an abnormality imposed on us. So-called progressives who try to make adultery, are actually causing the collapse of the entire moral structure of society. Presenting adultery which is free in the West, as progressive and modernity is a sabotage aimed at the collapse of the moral structure of society. Those who cannot eradicate Islam from our country by force of arms are trying to spread adultery in order to sabotage the Islamic morality of our people. Muslims must be awake against this propaganda.

Most people who go online are exposed to sexual, lustful and enjoyable publications. These inevitably affect people and cause them to deviate towards haram. In addition to legal restrictions against them, education is also essential. The negativities that these publications will cause should be thoroughly analyzed and explained to people. The biggest responsibility here falls on the state and the family. In order for the society to be healthy and strong, relations between people must be regulated in accordance with Islamic rules. For this purpose, broadcasts on television and the internet must be made in accordance with Islamic standards. To some, this may be perceived as reactionary. But this is completely wrong. Because we see what the opposite situation has brought society to today. In our country, harassment and murders of women are increasing, and drug and alcohol consumption is at its peak. There is only one way to prevent them, and that is to implement the basic prohibitions and orders of Islam.

Western capitalism sees women as a sexual object and uses them as a tool to make money. For this reason, he tries to get people to do what he wants by provoking them and numbing their brains with sexuality. Women in low-cut clothing are used in all advertisements. Women's sexuality is highlighted in every advertisement. Naked models appear in car advertisements. However, the seller does not sell this naked model together with the car. So what are their purposes? Their aim is to impress the audience. Those who watch such a play become slaves of their own souls and the commands of the devil because they think it is modernity.

But Muslims do not think so. The headscarf of Muslim women is a light that protects them. By covering up and wearing hijab, Muslim women prevent themselves from being seen as sexual objects. Only in this way can a woman have her true identity. If a woman prevents sexual arousal, then she is seen as a human being and treated as a human being. This is civilization. There is still this respect for veiled women in our society. On buses and ferries, people give seats to veiled women first. This is a result of the Islamic upbringing that has accumulated over centuries in our society. This accumulation will continue even if westerners and their fans do not want it. For this reason, women's headscarf and hijab are their means of salvation both in this world and the afterlife.

We asked the following questions in our article and answered:

Do We Perform Our Prayers in Peace? Do We Turn Away From Empty and Meaningless Things? Do We Give Our Zakat?  Do We Protect Our Chastity From Haram? Can We Avert Our Eyes From Haram? Do We Fulfill Our Trusts and Promises? Are the Bites We Eat Halal? Do We Protect the Sunnah of Our Prophet? Do We Jihad in the Path of Allah? Do We Avoid Telling Lies?Do We Help Orphans, the Poor and the Needy? Are We Trying to Become Knowledgeable? Are We Reading? Do We Apply the Moral Rules of Islam?

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People are obliged to live in communities. In living together, people who are different in terms of temperament, different in terms of beliefs and culture, and who behave differently in terms of values and thinking can be kept together. However, living together also requires having some common moral values. In order to survive as a society, it is necessary to direct individuals who exhibit different psychological behaviors to certain goals. Every individual in a society has the right to be happy. A person's activity in this direction should not prevent someone else's happiness. Accordingly, individuals in a society have rights as well as duties that they are obliged to perform. For this reason, individuals should be taught what is good and right for society, their duties should be informed and promoted. In addition, it should make the individual love goodness. For this reason, the individual must be taught the purpose of creation.

Islam is a philosophy of life and a way of life. In Islam, the rules of a happy life are presented as an ideal or idea. This presentation consists of commands, prohibitions and recommendations that ensure the attainment of the highest state of mental happiness. The highest mental happiness achieved by complying with these is the goal that a person seeks and strives to achieve throughout his life. This ideal manifests itself through rules of obligation, responsibility and sanctions. This is an area where all philosophies compete to realize their moral ideas and thought systems. This area can only be shaped with the information of Allah Almighty.

Today, our society and all Muslim societies are faced with effective, dangerous and secret attacks. The purpose of these attacks is to weaken the value judgments of society.

The enemies of Islam want to destroy our country not with missiles and bombs, but by changing and transforming our understanding of Islamic morality by distorting our values. Since when could we, as a society, be so egoistic, selfish, merciless and unscrupulous? How could the people of a civilization that lends a hand and help to the stranded, the needy, the strange, the homeless, children and the elderly come to this point? How did we become disconnected from justice, truth, honesty and morality and turned into a society that deceives others for the sake of its own interests and exhibits rude, ill-tempered, liar and dishonest behavior. Why have we become so fond of this world and possessions? What's happening to us? Where are we drifting?

We started to lose our national culture, our values, our children, and our national and Islamic family structure. We have lost our connection with our history and ancestors. We have lost our pure life and our understanding of halal and haram, which are completely unique to us. We believed like Muslims, but we thought like materialists and emulated Machiavellian lives. We began to flounder with the spiral of Western culture and as a result, we lost confidence and belief in ourselves and the future.

Violence and sexual aggression cannot be a part of life in the Muslim Turkish society! We are anesthetized, alienated, and our self-identities are transformed. Every day, with movies and videos on television and the internet, rosy and virtual lives, dreams of being a model, an artist, a fancy life, making easy money without working hard, stealing someone else's rights, illegitimate lives and wannabes are injected into the minds of the youth. Thus, the lives of individuals and society are corrupted and destroyed.

It is not possible to ignore the attacks on the moral values of our society. Preference for moral understandings based on reason and individuals rather than the orders and prohibitions of Islam is increasing. By declaring war on the religion of Allah, Muslims are being confronted with fabricated religious concepts and distorted ideas. Under the name of Moderate Islam, Modern Islam and Interfaith Dialogue, young people are being pushed out of the true understanding of Islam.

O Muslims! If you realize how serious the situation is, you should thoroughly examine the factors of degenerating, which we will discuss in detail in our article and try to regulate your behavior accordingly in accordance with Islamic rules. Only in this way will true salvation in both this world and the hereafter be possible.

The factors of degeneration are : We Abandoned Truth and Justice, We Abandoned Truth and Honesty, Brotherhood and Friendship Abandoned, Respect and Love Abandoned, We Abandoned Unity and Cooperation, Responsibility and Obligation Abandoned , We Abandoned Peacemaking.

The basic principles of Islamic morality come to life in the characteristics that Muslims display as virtues. Societies formed by people who have these virtues are safe, healthy and prosperous in every respect. However, societies where people who do not have these virtues are in majority are unsafe, unhealthy and unhappy. The result of lack of virtue is the corruption of the morals of societies. This is because our people have adopted secular/modern moral principles based on Western culture. We hope that our people will abandon this secular morality, which is contrary to their essence, and return to the Islamic morality that this nation has lived by for centuries. Our society has no other way of salvation.

( Date of Publishing :  26.04.2024  -  Click here to read the full article )






Modernity is the name given to a system of social values that emerged with the Enlightenment philosophy in Europe in the 18th century and spread all over the world over time. In general, it means being against tradition and breaking away from it. This understanding is inherent in all transformations and changes in the individual, social, economic and political fields.

Modernity has expelled the transcendent and the sacred from human life and has placed humans, whom it has made captive to scientific knowledge, at the center of its system. He tried to define everything that is included in the sacred by the human mind. Since modernity is against transcendence (holiness), it is not possible to understand and explain transcendental phenomena such as revelation and non-physical entities such as souls and angels.

In fact, modernity is an ideology of Western centrism. It is a way of thinking that aims to build a Europe-centered world. To achieve this goal, cultural propaganda activities were continued for a long time. However, the expected result was not that bright. After the 1970s, these activities lost their appeal. Because the war and terror that surrounded the world after the 1970s showed people that this path was wrong and dead-end.

According to modernity, humans exist to produce and especially to consume. However, consuming less than what is produced will ensure that consumers are healthy, and the unconsumed portion will be sent to those in need, ensuring that people do not go hungry. Today, while some people consume too much, some people suffer from hunger. According to statistics, 50 years ago, the income of the richest 5% of the world was 30 times higher than the income of the poorest 5%. While this rate was 60 times 25 years ago, it increased to 114 times in 2002. This is a result and contradiction of modern understanding.

Modernity claims that it is based on rational principles such as reason and experiment. This is not entirely true. Because there are a series of paradigms on which it is based. Paradigm is a prediction that is adopted as a leading principle on any subject, whose accuracy is not doubted, and is excluded from discussion. Some of the paradigms of modernity are evolution, progress, innovation, scientism, individualism and secularization. However, each of these principles is being shaken today, and therefore representatives of modern culture are experiencing serious concerns.

Modernity is not at peace with religion. It systematized all deviations from religious values. While doing this, he established himself here by creating a gap between social life and religion. As a result, generations that were faithless, stray and had no ideals were created.

Modernity, which tries to construct the world order with reason and uses the logic of enlightenment philosophy, knows that the only phenomenon that will disrupt its fiction is religion. For this reason, he wants to remove it from all social areas. Thus, it tries to prevent religion from intervening in the production and consumption process in society due to moral concerns. For this reason, it keeps religion under surveillance and control with the principle of secularism. The simplest example in this regard is exploitation. Capitalism's main purpose is profit and it exploits the people it governs. Religion is completely against exploitation.

Modernity tried to bury religion in history, but today Islam, the religion it fears most, has emerged alive. They are trying with all their resources to eliminate the religion of Islam. However, it is impossible for them to succeed in this. Islam is a stumbling block to modernity. Because there are serious reactions against modernity in Islamic countries.

However, the religion of Islam is neither for nor against modernity. There are elements that he will accept and elements that he will not accept. What is important for Islam is its own value system. This is a system of divinity, at the core of which is the belief that Allah is the only deity and power. This is where they part ways with modernity. Because modernity has created a systematic polytheist world that fights against the monotheistic religious tradition.

There are very harsh criticisms of the paradigms of modernity from the perspective of Islam. Unfortunately, these criticisms are not taken into account by modernists. They do not want the religion of Islam to help them get rid of their own contradictions. Because they are fundamentally against the religion of monotheism. Another dilemma for him is that he is trying to eliminate the criticisms of Islam, the religion of monotheism, by force, and they have now realized that this is not possible. But there is no other option for them. They will be even more violent in their opposition to religion. This shows that their understanding of culture will collapse even faster. Because there is only one complete power and perfect power in the universe, and that is the power and strength of Allah Almighty. Resisting this will only cause the resister to collapse.

( Date of Publishing :  22.03.2024  -  Click here to read the full article )





Love is an important element in a person's life and his religious belief. Sufis think that love is the secret of human existence and the creation of the universe. Because it is reported that Allah Almighty said: “I was a hidden treasure. I loved that I was known, that's why I created the creatures and gave them blessings. They also knew me.” With this word, God Almighty informs us about Himself. Allah Almighty created love with His own self. This love is undoubtedly the reason for the emergence of all existing beings.

Worship actually has love. Because in a verse, God Almighty wants His Messenger to address as follows: “Say: If you truly love Allah, follow me so that Allah will love you and forgive your sins. Because Allah is very merciful and forgiving.” (Al Imran, 3/31) Accordingly, the basis of worshiping Allah is the love of Allah.

The great Islamic scholar and Sufi Davud al-Kayseri (1262, 1350) says the following in his book "Ledunni Knowledge and True Love":

“Love is the result of knowledge. Therefore, knowledge is more priority and important than love. Loving God means knowing Him fully and serving Him as required. Loving other beings means protecting their existence and rights. In order for love not to be so-called dry love, it is necessary to show the results of true love. Then, true love is, in the final analysis, selfless love. This is love for God.”

True religious experience, which comes close to Islamic Sufism, has not found fertile ground in Judaism. This further deepened Judaism in its material aspect. Kabbalah could not have a positive impact on Judaism due to its esoteric gnostic tendency. Therefore, it can be said that love has lost its way at the level of spiritual experience in Judaism.

A big difference between love in Islam and Christianity emerges. Love in Christianity is gnostic and is a secret theology that tries to understand the truth of the trinity through the clerical life built on monotheistic love. This is what is known in contemporary writings as Christian mysticism. Aside from the mental possibilities/impossibilities and intellectual problems revealed by the issue of love, we can say that love in Christianity is a concept that does not have a meaning that can be accepted by science and by the mind. In the end, it leads to immorality.

Hinduism talks about love through the term “Bhakti” and Buddhism through the term “Karuna”. However, in both religions, although love requires compliance with moral rules, it serves nothing other than reaching the highest goal determined as "Nirvana". Therefore, we can say that love in the Islamic religious experience is a unique practical concept and has no equivalent in other religions.

Enemies of Islam use some people to publish books to achieve their goal of destroying and perverting Islam. In these books, attempts are made to denigrate Islam by perverting the understanding of love in Islam. The authors of these books keep their identities secret. There is no information about their CV in their books. No information is given about where these people received education. These books are published only so that a lot of nonsense against Islam can harm people's beliefs. Muslims should be vigilant against these people and books and should not be deceived by their black propaganda. They should learn their knowledge about Islam from the books of Sunni scholars.

Some so-called sectarian enemies of Islam are trying to degenerate the basic beliefs and worship of Islam by using the concept of love. According to them, Allah does not need the worship of His servants. Therefore, it is enough for Muslims to love Allah. There is no need for them to perform acts of worship such as prayer or fasting. Efforts have been made to spread these ideas among Muslims for years. Those who do this do not comply with the principles set by Islam in any way. Not only do they not perform religious duties such as prayer and fasting, but their women dress revealingly and immodestly. Men and women sit on each other and sing hymns. They think in this way they will gain Allah's consent. Alas!

Some of these people are deliberately responsible for the project of destroying Islam. These people try to lead other people out of Islam by leading the sects and communities they founded. In return, they certainly provide financial benefits.

Most of them have a Mevlevi appearance. They constantly commemorate Hazrat Mevlana and Yunus Emre. But they do not take into account the lives and advice of these two important Sufis. What kind of recklessness? The behavior of these people will cause them to be disappointed in both worlds.

People who follow these people like to follow the things they recommend to them. Because it is difficult to their souls to pray and wear the hijab, they think that loving Allah is enough for them. Alas! What kind of ignorance? This people will understand the truth one day, but it will be too late.

Enemies of Islam have been using sects to pervert the religion of Islam for years. But their impact is now diminishing. Thanks to the criticism of Ahl as-Sunnah scholars, Muslims see the truth and stay away from these enemies of religion. It is certain that the enemies of Islam will not be successful. Allah will protect his religion. One day people will understand that the only salvation is in Islam.

( Date of Publishing :  16.02.2024  -  Click here to read the full article )







Today, humanity is witnessing a great massacre and genocide in Palestine. Israel and the US states are killing tens of thousands of defenseless and innocent people, children and women in Palestine with the heaviest weapons. The purpose of this massacre is to realize the ambition of a group of people to dominate the world. This genocide is carried out to achieve the goals of Zionist imperialism.

Zionism is a political movement that emerged with the aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine. Although Zionism is generally known as rebuilding the temple of Solomon on Mount Zion by gathering all Jews outside Palestine in the acquired lands, it is actually the Jewish ideal of world domination in its true sense. Even though this ideal is not legitimate, it exists today as illegitimate. Zionism achieves illegitimate world domination through weapons and money.

Political Zionism was born with Theodor Herzl (1860,1904). Herzl began to formulate his doctrine in Vienna from 1882. He initiated the first concrete application of his doctrine, which he systematized in his book "The Jewish State", titled "Der Judenstaat" in 1894, with the World Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897. First of all,  unlike religious Zionism, Theodor Herzl is rigid until the end. He even fights relentlessly against those who defend Judaism as a religion. According to them, Jews are, first of all, a people. Theodor Herzl, whose main occupation was not religion but politics, presented the problem of Zionism in a new way.

Roger Garaudy, in his book "The Zionism File", makes the following determinations between the state of Israel and Zionism: 1) The internal policy of the State of Israel is based on racism and colonialism. 2) The foreign policy of the State of Israel is based on expansion by gaining territory. 3) The political method of the Israeli state is a kind of state terrorism.

The only principle of Zionism is to turn Judaism into a nation and a state, not a religion. All Jews in the world are considered citizens of this state. Continuous military operations are necessary to maintain this state. This state, which must constantly open a living space for its citizens, will wage uninterrupted war. All attacks and land annexation events in the history of the State of Israel arise from this immutable logic of political Zionism.

The same situation exists in today's Israeli genocide. The attacks of a small number of Hamas militants caused Israel to be pitied in some parts of western societies, and therefore the massacres committed by Israel were tolerated. It will be seen that today's Israeli military power is extremely superior compared to the military power of the Palestinians. Now it is clear to anyone with a sound mind that it is not at all unreasonable that the Jews are trying to drag America into a dead end and push it towards the third world war. If we exclude the special character of the Jews and their supporters who encourage the massacre of nations, we also see what they hide behind every moral collapse.

The political method used by the Israeli state is state terrorism. This true face and attitude of the Zionists must be known. The terror and massacres inflicted by Zionist Israel continue at full speed today. Thousands of innocent and defenseless people, women and children are killed every day in Palestine. This situation does not affect the rulers of the western states at all, and they also support Israel's genocide. Because they also want to be partners in the exploitation of the lands in the Middle East. From now on, Western words such as civilization, human rights and democracy have no value. All conscientious people condemn Israel, but they can do nothing.

The goal of Zionism is to intimidate the countries in the Middle East by committing this genocide, thus trying to protect the interests of western colonialism in this region. The rich mineral and oil deposits in the Middle East whet the appetite of the Zionist imperialists. It is thought that by capturing the riches here, Zionism's desire to take over the world and rule alone will be realized in this way. At the end of this, it is inevitable that the third world war will break out. However, the outcome of this war may not be as the Zionists expected. At the end of the Third World War, which will most likely be very bloody and destructive, Zionism's ambitions will be destroyed and the State of Israel will disappear.

We, as Muslims, believe this. The verses in the Holy Quran and the hadiths of our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) on this subject give us this hope. In addition, the discovery information conveyed to us by our Sufi brothers indicates that the end of Zionist Israel has come. According to this discovery information, the third world war will occur in 2040 and within 20 years from now, Muslim states will fight against the State of Israel and Zionist imperialism and eliminate them. Jews will suffer a great massacre in Israel. Zionists will never be able to establish a state in the world again.

This is both the hope and wish of us Muslims. We believe with all our heart that Allah Almighty will accept this hope and prayer. Because Allah Almighty is victorious in his command (Yusuf, 12/21) and is the helper of Muslims (Baqara, 2/257). Islam is the only way that will make people happy in both worlds.

( Date of Publishing :  12.01.2024  -  Click here to read the full article )





Islam is a religion of revelation and is incompatible with people's mental systems. Allah Almighty, who created people and the universe, knows the situation of His creatures and what is best for them. This information was announced to people through verses from the Quran and hadiths. Therefore, it is necessary for the state administration to be regulated in accordance with Islamic rules in order to be beneficial to all people. Only under a government in accordance with the Islamic Sharia, all people can be happy and live a comfortable life.

The Islamic management system established by Allah Almighty does not completely coincide with the management systems created by human reason. However, while some Islamic scholars argue that Islam is completely opposite to democracy, some Islamic scholars also argue that Islam is not contrary to the basic features of democracy. Some argue that the reason why today's Islamic communities lag behind the West is that they are not democratic. While others think that Islam can overcome the problems by applying its own democratic management system.

The idea that Islam is opposite to democracy is mostly put forward by Western orientalists. For years, Islam has been denigrated in the West and Muslims have been described as terrorists. It is clear what the purpose of these incorrect evaluations is. This is an effort to gain supporters in the Western public opinion in order to seize the natural wealth of Muslim countries and exploit them. However, Islam is far ahead of the democratic system proposed by the West. The most perfect implementation of principles such as law, human rights, justice and equality exists only in the understanding of the Islamic state. None of the human management systems created by human reason can compete with Islam in this regard. There are many examples of this in history.

In democracies, the right to legislate, that is, to make laws, is exercised either by the people or by persons elected by the people. However, in Islam, the right to make laws belongs to Allah. State administrators can only define laws on matters that are not clearly stated in the Quran and Sunnah. However, these laws must be in accordance with the texts in the Quran and Sunnah.

If you obey most of those on earth, they will lead you astray from the path of Allah.” (Surah An'am, verse 116)

This verse is to prevent corruption in society. Therefore, the decisions taken by the majority of the people are not fully correct when they do not comply with the Islamic Sharia. Therefore, Islam completely rejects the philosophy of people sovereignty.

The understanding of governance in Islam is based on the sovereignty of Allah and the caliphate of man. The purpose of man's caliphate here is to fulfill the principles (nass) specified in the Quran and the Sunnah in practice and to act with participation and consensus among Muslims in cases where there is no nass about it.

Political power represents a leadership committed to the mission of the Prophet (pbuh). Caliphate includes the meaning of deputy to the prophet and regency (acting in his place) for Muslims. The position held by the caliph is that he is the successor to the prophethood. Due to this position, the caliph is assigned to protect and spread the Islamic religion and manage the Islamic society.

Caliph (ruler) is a ruler limited by Islamic law. Within the boundaries of Islamic sharia, he must govern on the basis of justice and equality. If it goes beyond the limits of sharia, the condition of obedience to the caliph is eliminated. Since the Caliph comes to power by election, if he does not fulfill his duties, his dismissal may be decided by the selection committee, which is the representative of the ummah.

Islam is a whole. Islam is not only a system of thought and belief, but also a social system. In this respect, Islam cannot be considered separate from society and social life. It is envisaged that the rules of Islam will prevail in social dynamics.

Muslims should aim to establish an Islamic state. The guide on this path is Hz. Prophet (pbuh) and his four caliphs. If the period of the Age of Bliss is examined thoroughly, Muslims will obtain good examples and principles for the Islamic state they will establish. All our prayers and wishes are for true Islamic states to dominate the world. In this way, all people, whether Muslims or not, will be able to live peaceful lives.

( Date of Publishing :  01.12.2023  -  Click here to read the full article )





The most honorable creature created by Allah Almighty is man. After creating Hazrat Adam from soil, God breathed His soul into him, thus making him the closest being to Himself. While the descendants of Hazrat Adam are in their mother's womb, their souls are breathed into them. All souls were created before and exist in a place called isthmus. They are waiting their turn to be born. Until the Day of Judgment, these souls will enter human bodies and complete their earthly lives. Soul is the command of Almighty Allah. However, complete information about its nature has not been given to people (Al-Isra, 17/85). For this reason, humans have gained the feature of the most honorable creatures among other creatures. Thus, he deserved all kinds of love and respect.

People have been informed through the prophets sent to them to behave with love since Hazrat Adam. But people forgot this advice and used cruelty and violence against people. This situation has continued until today and will continue until the end of time. There are many principles in the Sharia brought by our Prophet (pbuh) regarding human love. These principles have been clearly communicated to people through verses and hadiths.

“Say: If you truly love Allah, follow me and Allah will love you and forgive your sins. Because Allah is very merciful and forgiving.” (Al-Imran, 3/31)

“None of you truly believes until he loves and desires for his brother what he loves and desires for himself.” (Hadith)

However, throughout history, people have acted according to the belief and thought systems they created with their own minds, by not obeying the orders and prohibitions revealed by God to the prophets. According to these systems, the love and value they show towards humans took very different forms. Most of these are contrary to Allah's commands and prohibitions. For this reason, these behaviors and moral concepts did not give people their true value and did not make them happy. These practices, which are carried out against the orders and prohibitions of Almighty Allah, are carried out within two main frameworks. These are philosophy and humanism.

In philosophy, love means interest directed towards something. Since philosophers are interpreters of life, they also thought about the meaning of love. While there is almost a definition of love according to every philosopher, the definition of love in philosophy creates a common point for the continuity of life. Love is important in terms of directing vital energy and developing an important perspective on life. Love is equivalent to goodness, and a person who feels love can reach beyond his own boundaries and gain a freer, broader and greater perspective.

Humanism sees humans as the source of all values such as goodness, beauty, power and success. According to them, the primary source that produces all positive values is human. In Islam, human beings are not a resource but a mirror that reflects the values created by Allah. Therefore, it is not the original but the subordinate. It is a secondary source, not a primary source. It's the moon, not the sun. The primary source that produces value in Islam is Almighty Allah. Man, on the other hand, can produce secondary values depending on the true religion of Allah Almighty.

Islam is a religion that gives the most importance to love. Therefore, Islamic civilization is a civilization of love. Likewise, a Muslim society is a society of love. Because in order to have faith in Islam, there must be love. In Islam, all relationships between humans and beings are based on love. Love in Islam is an absolute love that encompasses all existence. The fruits of this love are absolute mercy, absolute compassion and absolute humility.

Allah has placed love in the nature of His servants. He delivered His messages about love to all times and places through His messengers. Behaviors place love in a person's heart. Therefore, the main purpose of love is to achieve perfect faith. Because, thanks to love, a person has a mature faith and reaches its pleasure.

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Sufism is a spiritual and deep way of life lived within the framework of the exoteric and inward provisions of Islam. The characteristics of Sufism are determined by the Quran and the Sunnah and are related to purity of heart, self-discipline and good morals.

In the West, Sufism is perceived as "theosophy", meaning the movement that teaches the secrets and laws of the universe and life, and the ways to manage them, or as "mysticism", which indicates the inner spiritual aspect of any religion, and is expressed as "Islamic mysticism". However, over time, it was understood that there were significant differences between Sufism and mysticism, and as a result, Islamic Sufism began to be expressed with the word "Sufism".

Mysticism has been defined as man's spiritual experience of reaching the truth, infinity and unity behind visible objects, and as a doctrine that expresses this experience. According to this definition, Sufism can be seen as close to mysticism. Although Indian mysticism, Neo-Platonic mysticism, or Jewish and Christian mysticism seem to include many aspects of Sufism at first glance, when examined carefully, it is easily understood that there are obvious differences in the basis and systematics of Sufism. For this reason, the concepts of Sufism and mysticism are used differently in Western literature.

Since Islam is a heavenly religion, similarities have sometimes been tried to be drawn between Christian mysticism and Sufism. Comments such as "Sufism is Islamic philosophy" and "It is the mystical experience of Islam" were made. However, priesthood is the most important point where Christian mysticism and Sufism differ. Being a priest requires breaking away from life and people in order to reach God. On the other hand, in Sufism, mixing with the public is especially envisaged. If necessary, it is recommended to be patient with the tortures that will come from them and discipline your soul in this way. The periods of seclusion and isolation in Sufism cover a temporary period that does not extend to the whole of life.

In the understanding of Sufism, there is love and fear of Allah. According to Islam, there is mutual love between servants and Allah. God loves His servants just as the servants love God. In order for Allah Almighty to love His servants, the servant must obey the Prophet (pbuh).

Although there may be similarities in some manifestations of Sufism - the attempt to approach the higher angels and the expression of man's gaze on wide spiritual horizons are among the most important - it is obvious that it is something other than mysticism. For this reason, it is not acceptable to translate mysticism, whether religious or non-religious, into Arabic as Sufism and to call Sufism mysticism.

The term Sufism refers only to Islamic spiritual life. For similar ones in other religions, if there is no special term for this in the religion to be examined, the terms "religious experience", "spiritual experience" or "teemmül" (thinking thoroughly) should be used, depending on the nature of the experience.

A correct scientific method is to examine each religious phenomenon in its own terms, in terms of being religious phenomena, and within the framework of the religion that reveals it. Therefore, Sufism should be read and examined as a Sufism that complies with the known limitations within the framework of Islam. The term Sufism has been stable as a science and a title of life and experience for more than 13 centuries. Therefore, no scientific justification can make it necessary to turn away from this term and turn to another term that will confuse the mind, create confusion and distract the researcher from the subject.

As for the term mysticism, it should be left to those who are willing to express their religious experience with it, such as Christians, Jews and Hindus. However, we should also know that mysticism is not Sufism in the sense we know Sufism. From what has been said so far, we can understand that the term mysticism is in no way a synonym for the term Sufism. It is wrong to translate it as Sufism. If Christians – and Jews, Hindus and Buddhists followed suit – used the word to describe their spiritual experiences, that is something to do with them. Islamic spiritual life does not accept such a naming. Because it is registered with the Quran and the Sunnah and is connected with them in terms of beginning and conclusion. It can only happen within the framework of those two. Therefore, Sufism is Sufism, mysticism is mysticism.

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Throughout the history of humanity, societies have suffered many calamities such as earthquakes, epidemics, famines and wars. Today's epidemics, wars and earthquakes are neither calamities peculiar to modern societies, nor will they end as long as people live. Some of these calamities are physical laws of God, others are social laws, valid at all times and in every society. These laws, called Sunnetullah, will continue to enforce their laws until the Day of Judgment.

The causes of disasters on earth are examined and interpreted by people. Especially today, scientists make comments about these disasters and put forward theories about why disasters occur. However, these theories are always incomplete in terms of reflecting the absolute truth. Most of the scientists have a completely materialistic mentality when searching for the causes of events in nature. However, in the face of some events, they have no words to say and they are helpless to explain. Generally, scientists with a secular mindset think that the cause of everything is another material event. They also apply this approach to disasters in nature. However, it is very difficult to say that they were successful in this regard. Because these people do not know the power of Allah and they do not recognize the phenomenon of destiny.

According to the Islamic belief, every creature in the universe was created by Almighty Allah based on a certain order, purpose and wisdom. Every phenomenon in nature has been ordained to a certain extent by Allah. “Beware that We have created everything according to a destiny.” (The Moon, 54/49)

Within this divine system, man was created in a special way. He has been given many talents such as intelligence. Information was conveyed to him through spiritual means (such as revelation, inspiration, etc.) and he was explained how he should perceive the phenomena in nature. Allah explained the system He established in nature and humans with verses and wanted people to act according to these principles. Otherwise, they were told what they would encounter.

Man must first know why he was created, what his most basic duties on earth are, and he must direct his life accordingly. If he does not do this, he should know that many disasters and calamities will happen to him. Because people are responsible for their actions. If a person does not regulate his behavior with the mind and will he has, he should expect that many disasters can happen to him. According to Islam, what happens to people is the result of what they did with their own hands. (Al-Shura, 42/30)

Although the effects of disasters have been tried to be reduced with some precautions taken in the modern period, the possibility of calamities beyond human strength has not been eliminated. Although it is possible to take some precautions to build more earthquake-resistant houses, to take protective precautions against diseases or to increase the production of agricultural crops, it does not seem possible to get rid of disasters completely. Because if God wants to punish people for what they have earned with their own hands, no one can prevent it.

The way is clear against all kinds of material and spiritual disasters. This road is Sirat-i Mustakim (True Way). This way is to cling to Islam, to be just, to be moral and to have character. As a result of these, people need to do the right things by using their mind and knowledge. Managers who allow such irrational and unscientific works are also responsible. If they deviate from the right path in order to gain benefits in these matters, or if they are ignorant on this subject, they cannot escape the responsibility of wrong deeds. Even if the laws and supporters of the world protect themselves, they will definitely give an account for all these wrongs and unjust actions in the hereafter. The justice there is infallible, the power of acquaintance and money do not exceed there. There, every rightful owner will definitely get his right from the one who wronged him.

However, people turn a blind eye to these facts. They have been enslaved by the material benefits and pleasures of the worldly life. They are deceived by all kinds of deceptions of the nafs and the devil. They immersed themselves in enjoying the pleasures of the world, leaving behind the morals and shari'ah of Islam, which was communicated to people. What a bad life. This way of life will not bring them any good either in this world or in the hereafter.

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The Legend of Agartha is an expression of the existence of an Agartha State, which, according to Indian, Tibetan and Mongolian culture and tradition, is hidden underground and has secret entrance tunnels from some parts of the world. According to this legend, the head of the Agartha State is the "King of the World" and holds the non-religious and unscientific (occult, spiritual) rule of the world. This person rules the occult rule of the world with both power and wisdom. Although this administration is close to the people, its recognition is not easy.

This is a myth and a belief. However, there are people who still join this belief today and pursue it in order to obtain and take this power with them. Such people have existed for the last two centuries. As example, we can give the leader of the German Nazis, Adolf Hitler. However, today, people are making a great effort to seize the power of the Agartha State and to ensure that this power serves them.

According to the Theosophists (Indian mystics), Agartha was founded by science priests or initiates (who had mystical education) who migrated from Mu and Atlantis, and later, seeing the need to hide, retreated into mountains and caves. Another name for Agarta in Tibetan traditions is Shambhala, although some argue that there is a hidden negative center against Agarta called Shambala.

For those who believe in this legend, the main mission of Agartha is to preserve and transmit information based on revelation in the sunken Mu civilization. Agartha has been doing this for about 50,000 years. For them, Agartha and Shambhala are everywhere. If a person is sincere, honest, chaste, conscious and knowledgeable, and lives wisely, these centers will certainly manifest themselves, and he will be able to get all kinds of support and help from them by contacting them.

For the last two centuries, people have been trying to get this help and support. However, it is doubtful whether they received this support. Those who do not believe in Islam pursued these supposed beliefs and shed a lot of blood to gain power and dominance in the world. But in the end, they could not get the power they wanted and they were destroyed by being punished by Almighty Allah.

The religion of Islam certainly does not accept the Agartha Legend. Because the only power that dominates and rules the universe is Almighty Allah. Almighty God is always everywhere. It is meaningless to claim that it is found in the tunnels, under the mountain. For this reason, those who believe in the veracity of the Agartha Legend are out of the Islamic faith.

“Whoever is in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him. All of them obey Him.” (Ar-Rum, 30/26)

Those who do not believe in Islam think that they will reach the truth by chasing these myths. But they are wrong. Because it is irrational to not accept the religion of Islam and seek help from other perverted beliefs. Ancient mythological beliefs, perverted mystical beliefs of Christianity and Judaism push people to believe these false myths. Correct information cannot be obtained from incorrect information. People love and want to dominate the world and the universe with their own mind and power. They are trying every possible way for this. They think that they will achieve their goals through these superstitious means. However, we understand from the events so far that this is not so. Hitler, who set out hoping to get help from the king of Agartha, was finally defeated. They were defeated and retreated in the wars of the global powers to seize the States in Asia and Africa. However, these searches have not come to an end, and people are trying to dominate the world every day again. In this regard, they expect to receive support from spiritual forces. Evangelicals in America, such as the Moon Sect, are for this purpose. But it is certain that they will not achieve their goals absolutely. So far, they have not achieved absolute power. Despite all this, people's efforts in this direction continue at full speed.

Almighty Allah does not allow any group of people to have absolute dominion over other people forever. This is expressed in the verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet. That's why we Muslims look at the Agartha Legend from this perspective. It is certain that what is claimed here is not true. Because the only power and will in the realms is Almighty Allah.

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Debates on morality have continued throughout human history. These discussions have generally been seen as a mutual comparison of two separate ideas. People either adopted the moral understanding and principles determined by the monotheistic religions, or people were subject to the moral principles they created with their own minds and desires of their real selves.

Since Adam (pbuh), Allah Almighty has informed people about the divine moral understanding, what is good and bad, what should be done and what should be abandoned. Some of these moral principles did not please the people who did not believe in them (who did not believe) and they defined good and bad according to their own minds and desires, and decided whether their behavior was moral or not with these definitions. The moral principles laid down by the monotheistic religions are clear. These are basically the same, although they differ more or less in detail with the coming of different divine religions over time. The final form of these moral principles is determined by the religion of Islam, the last divine religion. These moral principles will remain valid until the end of time. People will be judged on whether they abide by these moral principles, and in the end, their life in the hereafter will result in happiness or torment.

When people did not believe in divine orders and prohibitions, they formed their own moral principles and thought to follow them. However, moral principles created by reason or according to their own whims did not establish a unity among the philosophers who studied this subject. Each philosopher has put forward an understanding of morality in his own way and has often rejected the moral principles of others. This conflict has lasted for centuries and people have never been happy with these moral theories.

It is natural that people cannot be happy with moral theories produced by reason. Because it is impossible for man to know his true nature and what he needs with his mind. Only the creator knows what man really needs. Allah Almighty created man and knows best what he needs to be happy in both worlds. Therefore, moral principles were revealed through revelation to enable them to turn to good and abandon evil. With the information sent to the prophets, people were guided to goodness and happiness. Because he who knows man best is the One who created him. It is a mistake to think otherwise and to say that man knows himself absolutely and grasps this truth with reason. These erroneous thoughts have led people to form other moral understandings, but no definite result has ever been achieved.

Islamic morality is the lifestyle revealed by the Qur'an and Sunnah. Islamic morality arises from the relationship between God and man. Thus, it regulates the attitudes and behaviors between God and man, between man and man, and between man and the universe. The moral values of Islam are the reflection of all kinds of attitudes and behaviors of the relationship that people establish with Allah through belief and worship.

Secular morality is a morality that excludes religion. This moral theory proposes to break the link between morality and religion. He claims that the society can be moral even if it is irreligious, in other words, there is no need for a religious basis to meet the moral needs of the society.

Secularism (worldliness) is an attempt to build social life, social relations and social morality by rejecting belief in the hereafter, by closing the doors of the world to the hereafter and ignoring the hereafter. It is an effort to establish the world without the love and fear of Allah. With the rebellious expressions of the defenders of secular thought, secularism is the claim not to involve God in worldly affairs.

The moral values of Islam aim to make people happy not only in the worldly life, but also in the hereafter. For this reason, the moral rules determined by the Qur'an and the Sunnah are the basis of all people's happiness in this world and in the hereafter. Secular/modern morality, on the other hand, aims only the worldly happiness of people. There is no such thing as happiness in the hereafter for them. For this reason, the moral rules they recommend to people exist to satisfy their egos, selves and whims.

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The word metaphysics is a term that expresses the field of being and knowledge beyond the physical realm. This term denotes a discipline in philosophy. This term has been used since the time of Aristotle. Aristotle wrote his book Metaphysics on this subject. This book has played a leading role in determining the problems and terminology in metaphysics in an integrated manner.

The metaphysical understandings of Islamic philosophers were criticized by Ghazali. According to him, philosophers did not comply with the certainty conditions they envisaged in logic in their metaphysical systems, which they developed purely based on reason. The conflicts between them and the inconsistencies in their thought systems are clear proofs of this. Certain metaphysical views of philosophers, consisting of conjecture, are fundamentally contrary to the religion of Islam. It is a deception that philosophers put forward knowing mathematics as a prerequisite for understanding metaphysical subjects. It is not possible to reach absolute information on these issues based on human reason.

Ibn Arabi's doctrine of the Unity of Existence (Vahdet-i Vücûd) is also a metaphysics. He argued that the knowledge of the divine order of existence can only be reached through mystical pleasure and discovery, not just theoretical and intellectual knowledge. According to him, it cannot be claimed that philosophers who have turned their backs on the path of mystical pleasure and discovery have reached certain knowledge in the field of theology by the method based on reason alone. Sadreddin Konevi, a student of Ibn Arabi, tried to establish the subject, principles and problems of Sufi metaphysics as a systematically determined divine science.

While the concept of number includes certain concrete features, on the other hand, it is seen that there are some mysterious, mystical aspects that cannot be explained by reason. Although it is emphasized that the science of mathematics is a precise and fully compatible science, it has been proven today that this is not the case. It is possible to see that many results and features shown by numbers are closely related to mystical and spiritual views. This situation has occupied people for thousands of years. People have worked for thousands of years to build a bridge between the order of numbers and the spiritual, mystical structure. Many results and predictions are explained on this subject. Some are kept secret. Although there are works written on these subjects in ancient civilizations, most of the secrets have been preserved as secret wisdom. Pythagoras' philosophy can be explained as an example in this regard. We will try to explain some interesting results of the numbers based on our own knowledge and opinion. Some of these are the mystical discovery information written in Sufi books, and some of them are our personal interpretations.

It is believed that there are hidden powers between numbers and letters. Numbers and letters are objects used in the realization of Allah's will and are within Allah's knowledge. With this thought, it is thought that when the secrets of numbers are solved, the secrets in the universe will be solved. Words that are dhikr have meanings in divine science. A certain number of repetitions of these meanings also provides the spiritual effect of that word. This is what is wanted in the dhikr. These repetitions are determined according to the purpose. This purpose can be destructive or constructive. Different numbers are determined for both cases. Thus, the number plays a guiding role for the realization of the matter aimed at making the dhikr.

“O believers, remember Allah offen.” (Al-Ahzab, 33/41)

The numbers given for dhikr have the authority of spiritual lock. In other words, in order for some divine secrets to be opened, a certain number of rosaries, names, salawat, verses or prayers must be recited. It is stated in verse 28 of the Surah Jinn that this is not random:

“Allah has encompassed everything that is going on with them with His knowledge and has counted everything one by one.” (The Jinn, 72/28)

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It is a need for order in societies made up of people. Because human nature can only be comfortable and happy in regular environments. Irregular environments are uncomfortable for people. For this reason, it is essential to have an administration that will ensure order in human societies. This administration is called the state.

Since the religion of Islam came as a mercy to all worlds, it appeals to all people. For this reason, the understanding of the state in Islam is also universal. The understanding of the Islamic State is not only open to cultures and geography, but also open to time, valid until the apocalypse. For this reason, the understanding of the state in Islam has very different characteristics from other understandings of the state. These features reveal the understanding of the Islamic State.

The understanding of the Islamic state is basically based on the verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). Other important sources are the consensus of Ummah (ijma-i ummet) and the comparison of fiqh scholars   (qiyas-i fukahâ). As a result of these resources, the understanding of the Islamic State began to take shape during the period of the four caliphs and later developed thanks to the just and responsible Muslim statesmen. Many religious works, commentaries, politics, advice, history and sociology books, poems, edicts and fatwas have been put forward that support this understanding of the state.

Islam is not based on man's duties towards Allah alone. At the same time, it has determined the relations that ensure the coexistence of people. He also revealed the necessary moral principles to ensure the happiness of people and the formation of a society with dignity and personality. Since these principles cannot be enforced with only moral advice, sanctions related to them have also been defined. It is the Islamic State that will implement all these.

In Islam, not only the superior abilities and emotions of man are taken into account, but also his natural weak points. This realistic human understanding of Islam is different from other religious understandings and philosophical thoughts. For example, Christians accept that man comes from bad leaven, inherited original sin from Adam and Eve, and will never change. Hinduism, on the other hand, accepts that man develops initially bad and then good. Some philosophers, such as Rousseau, think that man is actually good and then corrupts. This issue is considered differently in Islam. In Islam, man was created completely and cleanly (The Fig, 95/4,5). But later it was brought down below. Except for those who believe and do good deeds.

The Islamic State represents the orders expressed in the Qur'an and hadiths, and which have an impact on the political and social life of the society. In other words, it ensures that laws and activities comply with the sources of Islam. The principles that Islam brought to the state are essential elements for human happiness. If we look at the past events in history, we see that the source of all the unrest and violence in societies stems from the lack of concentration of force in the law, that is, leaving the fate of people at the mercy of a dictator or a group, injustices, despotism, lack of value for merit or deep economic imbalances in the society. The Islamic State has the necessary features to eliminate all these negativities. Thanks to these features, it prevents the deterioration of the economic balance in the society and tries to meet all the necessary needs of the society and individuals. These, in turn, open the doors of happiness to people both in this world and in the hereafter.

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Islamic life is a real way of life. This path has produced the most suitable solutions for all the needs of humanity and has surrounded humanity with all its aspects. Islam has determined the purpose of life and the principles that will serve this purpose. These principles are the principles that will ensure that people reach happiness both in this world and in the hereafter. Apart from these, all the paths to be followed will never ensure the happiness of people both in this world and in the hereafter.

However, opponents of Islam have attacked the religion of Islam for centuries and tried to deflect its pure features. Thus, Islam was imprisoned only in consciences and tried to prevent it from ruling among people. After that, they struggled to completely abolish Islam in Islamic countries. Thus, they tried to place superstitious beliefs and thoughts instead of Islam.

The West has declared Islam as the enemy for the last 50 years. They defined all Muslims as terrorists who worship violence. In order to justify these thoughts in their own and in the world public opinion, they established Islamic terrorist organizations with their own plans and made them commit terrorist acts. Since they had the power of the media, they tried to make people accept that Islam is a religion of terror in this way.

The dominating powers of the West know that Islam wants the development of all humanity, and therefore they fear it. Because in a place where Islam is strong, it is no longer possible for the West to exploit people and usurp their wealth. Knowing this, the imperialists hide the true face of Islam with all their might and force people to live and think outside of Islam. However, all these efforts are in vain. The religion of Islam is not something that can be easily eliminated as they think. Because the religion of Islam is under the guarantee of Allah.

There is no doubt that we sent down that dhikr/Qur'an. We are the ones who will protect him.” (Hijr, 15/9)

However, the unbelievers are unaware of these facts. They want a social life that is not dominated by the religion of Islam so that they can commit fraud, corruption, theft and colonialism as they please. Islam is against what they want. This point expresses itself with all the beauties of Islamic life. We describe the basic principles of these beauties below. These basic principles are the guarantee for people to be happy in this world and in the hereafter.

Some Basic Principles of Life in Islamic Society are :  Social Justice, Absolute Freedom, Being satisfied of the Heart, Learning Science, Outlawing Interest, Forbidden of Profiteering and Black Market, Nationalization of Public Resources, Luxury and Waste is Haram, It is Haram to Accumulate Excess, Inquiry of Earnings, Zakat Institution, Presence of Love and Compassion, Awareness of Aid and Solidarity, Life, Honor, Property and Residence Guarantee.

The great religion of Islam has never wanted to spread itself through the police forces. Those who do not believe in Islam but live under its banner have never been asked to be made to believe in it by force. He does not send them to electric furnaces as Hitler did because they do not believe him, nor does he exile them to the snowy mountains and icy seas of Siberia as Stalin did. Because it trusts sincere beliefs and leaves everyone free in their faith. For this reason, the borders of Islam are open to people of all religions and colors, as well as to all Muslims, without curtains. Even idol worshipers can take shelter under the protection of a Muslim. If they do so, they will also be protected.

It has not been made possible for all people to gather in the same religion and believe in the same things. For this reason, there is a need for a social system that opens its doors to every universal cause with freedom and that does not restrict the right to life of every believer because of his faith. This is such a system that all believers, sects, races, colors and languages can benefit from it. Such a Universal System is only the religion of the Supreme Islam. A free human world needs such an Islamic system. The most prominent system in terms of encompassing the whole world is only the Islamic system. In its shadow, a person attains security, peace and stability. We invite all humanity to such a system.

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The lifestyle determined by the religion of Islam is a real way of life. Because this way has answered all the problems of humanity. It encompassed humanity in all its aspects. The religion of Islam has declared the purpose of human existence on earth. He explained the place of man in this universe. He explained the moral principles that people should follow and why it is necessary to comply with them.

The religion of Islam has explained what the political, economic and social order should be in which people can live in peace and security, and on what principles this order should be governed. These are real things that man needs. Everything else will lead humanity to chaos and unrest, not happiness. All this shows that the religion of Islam is the true way of life.

However, the opponents of Islam have been attacking the religion of Islam for centuries and have partially succeeded in diverting it from its universal character and its feature of being a system that solves every problem of humanity. The opponents of Islam have been partially successful in squeezing Islam into their own consciences, by co-operative and ruthless methods. As a result, Muslims were prevented from living the true Islam. These efforts led to the collapse of the Islamic order, the separation of religion from the state, and the surrender of Islamic states to an uneasy understanding of secularism. In many Islamic countries, the religion of Islam has been removed from being the source of laws. Laws based on the secular understandings of the West were implemented. Following this, struggles were made to completely abolish Islam in these Islamic countries. Thus, efforts have been made to wipe out the beliefs of Islam in their consciences and to replace them with superstitious thoughts and beliefs.

For this purpose, by denying Sufism, it was tried to put the pagan beliefs of Far East countries, like Buddhism, into the conscience of Muslims under the name of being scientific. Even the wisest people have been led to believe that they will become deified by attaining Nirvana, like the Buddha. It was tried to warm people to Christianity by working on the theme of love. It has been tried to portray Islam as a loveless and violent religion. As a result, the consciences of Muslim youth were filled with the material goals of the secular world supported by the enemies of Islam. Thus, they have turned Muslims into a generation that worships matter like the West and drowns in worldly pleasures.

Islam, as a religion that has gathered all the truths within itself, is above all forces and the power of all evil camps. Its body is strong and its roots are deep. The need of humanity for this great way is greater than the hatred of the haters. For this reason, as the hatred of the enemies of Islam increases, they approach their bad end more quickly. For this reason, they can't find a way out for themselves while expressing their hatred for Islam in a confused way. However, the religion of Islam, which is their salvation, is close to them as a life-saving ring. This life buoy is to follow the sharia system that Allah sent for the regulation of human life.

If these Islam haters do not come to the line of Allah, they will start World Wars again to strangle each other. Because such great wars will both satisfy their conscience and fill their pockets with plenty of money. Companies producing lethal weapons await such days. They will make a lot of money by selling weapons everywhere. But it doesn't matter to them that most of the people die, get injured and miserable.

The way drawn by the religion of Islam for people's life is the most realistic way for people to find a solution to their current depression. For this reason, we can say that “The future is in Islam”. This is true whether the enemies of Islam accept it or not. Therefore, in this period of humanity, the religion of Islam will rise again and encompass all humanity. Because in this era, there is neither a belief nor a system of thought other than the religion of Islam that will be able to solve the problems of humanity. At the end of this, people will inevitably turn to Islam again. Otherwise, humanity can no longer endure these problems and perish. As a matter of fact, what would be the end of a nuclear war, which is rumored today, justifies our saying.

As Muslims, we know that saving oneself both in this world and in the hereafter will only be possible by returning to the religion of Allah. We firmly believe that the future is in the religion of Islam. Those who provoke people against the religion of Islam and those who are hostile to it will eventually be defeated. Because there is innumerable evidence to prove that it will. When we examine the reasons for the turmoil, fights and depressions that people live in, we see clearly and distinctly that it is not possible to remove the religion of Islam from human life. Therefore, we can hope that Islam will once again dominate the world.

We have to rise to the level desired by Islam, by recognizing our environment and the style and order of our century. Blessed is he who, recognizing the age in which we live, straightens his path. We must reach this level by encompassing the culture and civilization of our time, examining it deeply and passing through the filter of experience. Because in order to be able to determine which of them to take and which ones to leave, we must be fully aware of the science and culture of our time. Only in this way can we have the power of choice. We can only reach the level desired by Islam by understanding the nature of humanity and their ever-changing needs. It is possible to reject what should be rejected from Western civilization and to receive what should be taken, only after gaining such a legality. It takes science and a long struggle to reach such a thing. But this struggle must be prudent and noble.

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The so-called "Arab Spring" events occurred for the first time in Tunisia. The people of Tunisia revolted on 17 December 2010 when a university student who was wronged burned himself. These movements later spread to other Islamic countries. Those who claimed that these events would bring "democracy and freedom" to these countries called these movements the Arab Spring. However, these events did not bring a spring to the Arab countries. On the contrary, some Arab countries were pushed into fascism and civil war.

We can perceive the actions that led to the emergence of the Arab Spring in this way. Particularly in Arab countries, it was possible to create confusion in these countries by using organized radicals and violent people. Radical and violent organizations such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Nusayri, which are very popular today, were founded by imperialist powers for the same purpose. These organizations have triggered inter-sectarian conflict by posing as Islamists.

The so-called Arab spring events occurred for the first time in Tunisia. A popular uprising started in Tunisia on 17 December 2010, when a university student who was wronged and persecuted by the state set himself on fire. At the end of this, events came to a halt when President Zeynel Abidin Ben Ali, who ruled Tunisia for 23 years with the pressure of the soldiers, fled the country on January 14, 2011.

After Tunisia, the Arab spring first affected Egypt and confusion arose in the country. These turmoil lasted from January 25, 2011 to February 11, 2011. At the end of these protests against the Mubarak administration, which has been ruling the country for 30 years under military tutelage, increasing corruption and violating basic human rights, Mubarak resigned under pressure from the military. Mubarak was detained while trying to flee to Saudi Arabia after resigning. He was then arrested and prosecuted. After 30 years of one-man rule, he is in prison wearing a prison outfit.

The Egyptian people expected Morsi to solve the problems of the country that Hosni Mubarak and previous rulers had destroyed in an instant. However, during the one-year Presidency of Morsi, he could not easily find the opportunity to solve the deep-rooted problems. On the other hand, pro-US groups saw this as an unsuccessful behavior and took the people to the streets and directed them to protest the Brotherhood. The Arab spring caused the arrival of winter, not spring, for Egypt. The westerners, who emerged to bring democracy to Muslim countries, actually brought oppression and tyranny to these countries. Today Sisi is a dictator in Egypt. It is not the Egyptian people who are satisfied with this, but only the western imperialists and their collaborators.

The popular movements that started in Tunisia spread to Libya as well. 17 February 2011 was declared the “Day of Anger” and the people revolted against Gaddafi. Gaddafi responded to these events in a bloody way. Although the demonstrators were not successful at first, the entire opposition united under the name of the National Transitional Council. This council was supported by the westerners, especially France. When it was understood that it was not possible for the opposition to overthrow Gaddafi alone and Gaddafi did not give up, it was thought that it should be done with the United Nations.

The events described as the “second wave” of the Arab Spring that shook the Middle East and affected Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq in 2018 and 2019. After the turmoil in the region, the wave that displaced the governments in Lebanon and Iraq is still alive with the demand for radical change, especially in Iraq. The security, administrative, economic, health, social and infrastructure problems that emerged after the invasion of the USA in 2003 deepened when the terrorist organization ISIS took control of almost one third of the country's territory in 2014. The culture of protest has turned into a permanent phenomenon in the country where there is no adequate solution to the problems. This situation is not a sign of hope for the future, and further reinforces the current instability.

The events in Syria started on March 15, 2011 in the city of Deraa. This move of the regime led to the peaceful public demonstrations turning into civil war. Armed conflicts have been taking place between the Assad regime forces and the military opposition groups gathered under the name of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) since 2012. As in the case of Libya, western countries do not want stability in Syria. Western powers preferred that Syria be confused and dragged into civil war when necessary. Because such a Syria is much more important and necessary for the regional plans of the West. Because the West is planning to realize its projects towards Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and finally Iran through an unstable Syria. There have been 100 years of civil war, fighting and turmoil in this geography, but Syria has never experienced such a terrible event.

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